I’m Heather Ballim, Advanced Vegan Skincare Formulator. The Founder, Owner and Creator of Bella Bellini Botanics. It gives me immense pleasure and joy to introduce you to my Artisan Skincare Formulation Company, and Indie (Independent) Beauty Brand, ‘Bella Bellini Botanics,’ together with my line of skincare products. I am a Vegan, all products are Vegan, Handmade and audited through every process of the production.


The thought of creating Sensible, Mindful, and Effective Skincare birthed itself whilst at college, studying Beauty Technology at Technikon Natal. I vividly remember reading every book I could lay my hands on in the library on skincare, botanicals, essential oils, cosmetic science, skincare formulations, perfumery etc, and day dreaming about starting my very own plant based skincare line at a tender teenage 18 years old.


I knew in my heart and soul then, that I had to create products apart from the rest on offer. In other words dump all the harmful harsh offerings that were by products of the industrial age, which should have just stayed there. I knew that a fresh, vibrant, naturally organic glowing approach was the best way forward.


Add to that my children, husband and I have very sensitive skin, and commercial brands were just not doing what it said it was supposed to do. I then began concocting various skincare formulations for my family and I minus the harsh offerings. I found that the best way to achieve a beautiful healthy glowing skin was to shower it with Love, Care, Time, Attention and to use Mindfully Formulated Effective Skincare products off course!


About Bella

My passion for skincare formulation grew, and intensified with the advent of the internet during my years of research. Due to tremendous disinformation, and myths ablaze on the internet, I was not always able to cross check and confirm important data and details. Sadly the internet created gaps in knowledge, as there was no solid learning foundation and/or platform, and/or reliable educational support. Then there were the millennials whose intentions started out clean and green, but, sadly caused more harm than good with green washing, fear mongering and diy videos following improper formulations, ingredients that did not work well together in a synergistic blend, and incorrect methods of manufacture.


I decided to take to the study books yet again, and I am thrilled to have graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic ScienceDiploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, and Tutor Training Program. I also hold certificates in Natural Cosmetic Preservation, Cosmetic Stability Testing, Organic Anti-Ageing Skincare, Facial Masque Therapy, Chocolate Spa Therapy and Beauty Technology.


Yes……I’m a Beauty Therapist turned Advanced Vegan Organic Cosmetic Science Formulator, and savouring every minute of it. It has taken me a while to reach this point, but I am finally here, and I am absolutely ecstatic. I Work while I Play, and I Play while I Work, a fine Juxtaposition of Artful Science and Nature.

A bit more about Bella Bellini Botanics affectionately dubbed ‘Bella’


Ingredients are ethically sourced, supporting fair trade women’s co-operatives in Ghana/West Africa. Their Shea Butter is absolutely Sensational to formulate with. Supporting local small and/or medium business is a matter very close to my heart. I try to source ingredients and packaging in South Africa as far as I possibly can. However certain ingredients do have to be imported, as they are not grown and/or manufactured within the confines of South Africa, and/or on the African Continent.


My ‘Re’ motto is always remember to recycle, reuse and/or repurpose your empty containers. Fortunately most schools and malls in South Africa have great recycling areas. I encourage you to make full use of these wonderfully free facilities.

Do visit my online store to indulge in some Relaxing Retail Therapy. Click on the picture of the product that you are interested in. There you will be pleasantly greeted with a description, and directions for use, together with a list of ingredients in the product. There’s ‘Bella’s Ingredient Closet’ with a synopsis on each of the ingredients used in products. Petite Care/Travel/Sample Packs of products are also available. These are simply ideal for travelling and are great sample sizes for purchase in the online store.


On my Blog you will find free formulations, how to formulate correctly, as well as other interesting information. Please also note the terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund policy, shipping, how to order online, frequently asked questions etc. before making any purchase.


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