Holistically caring for the largest organ of your body

The interstitium is a network of fluid-filled spaces within….and between tissues all over your body. If the medical community accepts it as an organ….it may very well be the largest organ in your body.
But for now….the integumentary system….your skin, is the largest organ of your body….spanning an area of approximately 2 metres.

Caring for your skin is not only an outside job….but mostly an inside job. What you eat….drink….think and feel inevitably manifests on the skin. Below is a holistic….no nonsense….straight forward approach on how to get started….bearing in mind that cleansing….toning….and moisturizing is just the tip of the ice-berg.


It was Ludwig Feuerbach who said “we are what we eat”….which is not far from the truth. The food that one chooses to consume is an assimilation of molecules of information-messages to the body. One’s digestive system breakdowns the food into smaller units to assist with daily body operations.

Food is fuel for one’s body, just like petrol is fuel for the car. If you’re vegan like moi….ensure that you are getting in those wholesome fruit and veggies….as well as the nuts….pulses and good oils including the essential vitamins….listen to what your body is telling you.

It’s all in the mindfulness….so indiscriminately grabbing a cup of coffee and/or a doughnut to eat on the run won’t cut it.


It is said that the human body is made up of about 70% water, and that drinking enough every day is essential for everything from maintaining a healthy body weight….to energy levels….and flushing toxins out of the body. Not drinking enough water is the most obvious cause of dehydration especially where the skin is concerned. There are however a few other factors that can affect your hydration levels, as well as how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis.

The amount of water one drinks differs from person to person….and can even differ from day to day depending on your health and lifestyle. Common causes of dehydration may include lifestyle factors such as diet….exercise….activity levels….alcohol consumption….stress levels….age….menstruation….hormones and medication. So do ensure that you are consuming your days worth of water timeously as your body dictates….pay careful attention to it.


“We are what we think” ~ Buddha. All that we are arises with our thoughts. Our thoughts create our reality.

I’m a firm believe in whatever happens in our life is that which we have already thought of. There are people who think, I wish this doesn’t happen….and well what do you know….that is exactly how it pans out….a self-fulfilled prophesy if you will. The very thing that you did not want to happen does so….just as you thought.

Here’s the rub….get off auto-pilot mode….instead of thinking of what you do not want to happen….flip the thought to what you want to happen in your life rather. Sooooo instead of thinking that you don’t want pimples….think of woweee I’d love to have a clear skin….think it….visualize it….look at a picture of yourself where your skin is clear….feel it and hone in on the great feeling….make it a daily mantra if need be. Re-wire your thought processes….it may take some time and practice….but if you are serious….committed and consistent….you will get there with right action. Take your power back by owning your thoughts.


One’s emotions are almost always caused by one’s thoughts and how one perceives what one sees. Meaning that two people could be in the same situation, but they may feel different emotions because they have different thoughts….A person can have different thoughts about the same situation. In other words one will acknowledge the feeling and work through it thus transmuting it….whilst the other stays stuck in the ill feeling which ultimately proves to be detrimental to their well-being and health.

So….how does one make sense of what one feels then?

Start by taking your emotional temperature in a situation….identify your stressors and/or what exactly is irking you….or does not resonate with your soul and bring joy to your life….speak about your feelings to someone you trust without succumbing to the “poor me victim-hood mentality,” and let go of fear….Start with the elimination process….Fearing mongering and gossip are low vibrational energies that make one grow old and cold at a fast pace. It hastens the ageing process and will have one chasing one’s tail….like a hamster running on a wheel….you get the picture!….Only you can change the way you feel….no one else can do it for you.


Some feel good and uplifting motivators include:

Listening to your favourite music….exercising….dancing….singing….meditation….reading a good book….doing what you love – painting….writing….journaling ….long walks….communing with nature….relaxing….rest….sleep….big hugs and kisses….playing with your pet….sincere thanks….prayer and gratitude are great mood shifters too. Do what fuels your passion and brings joy to your heart and soul….sure Rome was not built in a day….it took time….so be patient….kind….gentle and understanding with yourself and watch your tide turn in to good tidings.


Gosh I didn’t expect this meandering blog to be this long but I really hope that this helps propel you on to a brighter and lighter outlook on life….bearing in mind that caring for one’s skin is a holistic approach. Remember that you are just Bella (Beautiful)….wherever you are on the earthly plane in every moment.