How to make a Soothing Bath Soak


Phew the past few months have been quite intense….and to top it all….some of my suppliers have cut out/back on certain staple ingredients for SkinCare formulating….and ohhhhh some packaging suppliers may only see new stock hopefully in 2021.


Anyhoooo….when the going gets tough….I turn to pamperlang (pampering)….and no this is not a service to self….but rather sincerely simple self-care….to ease the mind….body….spirit….soul….and senses.


I’m sharing a Soothing Bath Soak that totals 100g….you can upscale or downscale it however you wish….change/play around with ingredients that suit your fancy.


Gadgets to get you started

. Nitrile gloves.

. A good reliable scale preferably measuring 0,01g upwards, as essential oils should be measured in grams and not in drops. A jewellery scale works well for small amounts.

. Paper towel for a good clean-up.

. A suitable mixing bowl preferably glass or steel to mix the product in.

. A spoon or spatula for mixing.


Getting started

This formula totals 100g which will allow you to easily upscale or downscale your desired quantity.


Here’s what to mix together in a bowl and use straight away in a lovely hot bath – and not blisteringly hot now please:

. 33g Himalayan coarse salt

. 33g Himalayan fine salt

. 32g Sea Salt

. 1,9g Coconut Milk Powder (or a carrier oil of your choice eg. Sweet Almond Oil)

. 0.1g Lavender Essential Oil

. A final flourish of lovely flowers for added Aesthetics and Fragrance….the Calendula and Lavender in the pic are spoils from our garden.



. I used Coconut Milk Powder to disperse the essential oil in. Please do not use essential oils directly in water and/or bath water without first dispersing it in the Coconut Milk Powder and/or diluting it in a carrier oil of your choice. The same will apply to the skin.

. Should you wish to use a flurry of flower petals in your Soothing Bath Soak, please ensure that you place it securely in a mesh and/or muslin bag, so that the bits do not block the drain.

. It’s best to make the Soothing Bath Soak as and when you need it. If you do make the product and store it in a jar, you run the risk of moisture getting into the product especially if you live in a hot humid climate.


Mindful points

. adhere to good hygienic practices at all times.

. the product you make is for your personal use only, and not for retail purposes.

. you make this soothing bath soak at your own risk.

. This soothing bath soak is not suitable for pregnancy, lactating mothers, and/or children, and/or babies.

. A 24 hour patch test on the inner arm is highly recommended when using any product for the first time including ones that you make.

. Products are for external cosmetic skincare use only.

. Should an allergic reaction and/or sensitivity unfortunately occur, please stop use immediately.

. This formulation is for home use only and not for you to take to market and/or sell to the public.

. Bella Bellini Botanics cannot be held liable, and/or responsible should you hurt and/or burn, and/or injure yourself in the process of making this Soothing Bath Soak, and or any allergic reaction, and/or any sensitivity to any of the ingredients used.