Gadgets to get you going for making skincare goodies

Making skincare is not only about having and/or following a good formula, but also about understanding and knowing ones ingredients, method of manufacture, how well ingredients work together cohesively and/or against each other.


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Gadgets to get you going

. Nitrile gloves, ohhhhh these have really saved the day for me.

. A good reliable scale preferably measuring 0,01g upwards, as essential oils are measured in grams and not in drops. A jewellery scale works well for small batches.

. A good reliable thermometre as things tend to get pretty hot. As a start, a reliable candy one should do the trick.

. Heat resistant measuring jugs eg. pyrex, lab beakers and/or stainless steel bowls/jugs for melting butters/oils etc. Preferably something with a spout for easy pouring.

. A water bath, and/or a bain-marie, and/or a double boiler for gently melting butters, waxes and other blends.

. Silicone spatulas, steel spoons, steel/silicone whisks, and/or teaspoons for scooping, stirring, mixing, whisking, whipping and/or blending.

. Simply just use heat resistant glass, steel and/or silicone equipment, as it’s the easiest to work with, no snags at all. Just remember to wear your gloves all the time.

. Paper towel for any spills and a good clean-up.

. Suitable heat resistant jars and/or containers for storage of your precious product.

. Pretty labels to label the fruit of your labour.

. Equipment can be sourced from a laboratory supplier, a catering equipment supplier, and/or online. Kindly note that you will have to see what is available in your area, and what suits you best.



. the microwave to melt oils, butters, waxes etc. and/or anything for that matter. You have no control over the temperature, and run the risk of scorching all your ingredients. You DO NOT want to contaminate your product with food particles either.

. wooden spoons, skewer, chop sticks etc. as they disintegrate quite quickly, and you will find splinters in your product.

. plastic utensils, bowls to melt oils, butters, waxes etc. as the high temperatures warp, and can even melt the plastic, thus contaminating your product.

. aluminium utensils, pots, pans and/or jugs for melting oils, butters, waxes etc. as they are susceptible to rust, and will contaminate your product too.


A few other mindful matters:

. it’s best to weigh out ingredients in grams whether it’s a liquid, solid, semi-solid, or a powder, and NOT in ounces, millitres, pounds, cups, spoons, teaspoons etc. it just makes life much easier.

. wear protective clothing at all times.

. practice good proper hygienic habits at all times.

. keep working surface areas spotlessly clean, disinfected and sanitized at all times.

. prepping and planning is of the utmost importance to ensure safety and ease of production.

. always read and/or familiarise yourself with all instructions mentioned.

. but most of all be patient with yourself, and have fun more than anything else.

. read, research and learn as much as you possibly can before attempting any formulation provided on this website.

. always remember the 3 ‘R’s, to recycle, reuse and/or repurpose.

. do take note that these are our recommendations for ease of formulating correctly.